Smartphones & Tablets

We are Global wholesaler & distributor of top branded and non-branded mobiles, smartphones, tablets & accessories to small, medium and large companies. Via our global network we are able to provide products quicker than our competitors. Our commitment is to satisfy our clients requirements regardless of order size, from 10 to 10,000 units or more. In addition to the latest accessories we offer services above and beyond our clients expectations. We give you the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition offering you the most popular and technologically advanced brands at competitive value prices. We offer an unparalleled range to ensure that you maintain your competitive edge, whilst we collaborate with our global clients and business partners for on-going upgrades and advances to our products. We can provide OEM ODM services based on specific client requirements adding enhancements, upgrades, specific branding and the top performing products in their class. Whether you're purchasing mobiles smart phones or tablets for your retail stores, wholesaler, or as a multi-channel ecommerce retailer, we can satisfy your needs.